Argan Oil Mask


A Therapy Hair Mask can help correct imbalances in the complexion, a hair mask can work to keep the hair in top shape.

It is a deep conditioning treatment for the hair. It is not used every day, but is applied once every week or two to add moisture to hair, prevent frizz and breakage, and make hair soft and shiny.

Typically, Hair Masks contain deeply conditioning and moisturising ingredients. Masks can be useful for people with any type of hair, but those with dry or colour-treated hair often find them especially beneficial. Those who have oily hair can still make use of one, but it may be a good idea to do the treatments less frequently, such as every two or three weeks.

A hair mask should be applied to wet hair, which will allow the nourishing ingredients to better penetrate. In general, people who are using one may want to apply the treatment while out of the shower, because most masks will need to sit on the hair for quite a while. Some must be left on the hair for 30 minutes to see the full benefits.